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Enrolment Procedures

Transition from Primary School to Drumchapel High School 

Staff from Drumchapel High School work very closely with primary colleagues to ensure pupils have a smooth transition from primary to secondary school.
The Depute Head Teacher from the secondary school meets with primary Head Teachers every month to discuss transition issues.
In September two first year and two sixth year pupils visit primary 7 pupils to answer questions about the High School. The first year pupils describe their experience in the first few weeks of secondary school and sixth year pupils talk about what they have done during their five years at Drumchapel High.
During November primary pupils visit the High School to participate in lessons to prepare for a Primary 7 Parents’ Evening in late November, when parents can see their child’s work and get a tour of the school.
In December the depute Head Teacher from the High School visits each primary 7 class to issue the Handbook for Drumchapel High School and answers any questions pupils may have about their move to secondary school.
In January the Principal Teacher of Support for Learning visits primary classes to get to know pupils and their strengths and needs. Another teacher will visit classes as well to some ‘Learn to Learn’ lessons to help prepare pupils for life in a secondary school.
In March the Pastoral Care Teachers visit primary classes to explain the work of Pastoral Care and how they will get to know pupils very well and work with them through out their stay at Drumchapel High School.
In May Pastoral Care, Principal Teacher of Support for Learning and the Depute Head Teacher in charge of first year meet with the Primary 7 teachers and Head Teachers to discuss the pupils moving to Drumchapel High School in August.
At the end of May all primary 7 pupils take part in the Primary 7 Induction Days when they spend two days in the High School following a normal timetable, this will include using the Fuel Zone and meeting with their Pastoral Care Teacher.
In addition to these events the High School may organise other activities to help pupils make a smooth transition to secondary or help them prepare better for their move to High School. In session 2012 – 13 all first year pupils participated in Gorge Walking to help them get to know each other better and help them develop team building and problem solving skills. Fifth year sports and dance leaders will visit primary schools to teach dance to pupils and organise sports activities.
Teachers from maths and English meet with primary 7 teachers to discuss pupils’ work and to help ensure there is progression from primary to secondary school.
If you wish further information about the transition from primary to secondary school please do not hesitate to contact the Head Teacher or the depute Head Teacher in charge of Primary/Secondary Liaison.