Drumchapel High School

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Pupil Support
There are three Principal Teachers of Pastoral Care (this replaces the Guidance system).
Mrs Gordon
House group Lomond
Ms Doran
House group Ness
Mrs C Valentin
House group Tay

The pastoral care system in the school is based on the idea of a caring community in which each pupil is known personally by a member of staff and each pupil knows where help can be obtained. Your child, therefore, will work with one particular pastoral care teacher all the time on aspects of school life such as attendance and timekeeping, class work, thoughts on careers, as well as personal matters.

The pastoral care teacher is helped in this by the register tutor who sees your child every morning, the Deputy Head teacher for the Year Group, and indeed all the teachers.
To help ensure good relations between teachers, pupils and parents, your child’s pastoral care teacher will be pleased to meet you at any convenient time, or to hear of any change of circumstances for your child. This will make the school more able to respond quickly and effectively to the specific needs of individual pupils.
Each Pastoral Care teacher has a caseload of around 180 pupils and oversees their welfare and academic progress throughout their time in Drumchapel High School. The PTPC works closely with the Year Head, the pupil and the parents to ensure each child reaches their maximum potential. We can offer support through counselling and have links with outside agencies such as Social Work, Knightswood Clinic, Alcohol Support, the Police, Careers Service and Young Carers - to name a few! These agencies can provide support in school via Pastoral Care referral or outwith school.
All pupils are encouraged to reach their full potential and have regular interviews with their Pastoral Care teacher on all aspects of their education and welfare. If a child is having problems with behaviour, health, attendance or home issues the Pastoral Care teacher will work with him and his parents and use other agencies as required. The Pastoral Care teacher attends meetings at Social Work and the Childrens` Panel and will refer on to the School Nursing Service, Social Work Service and Psychological Services when necessary.
Parents who are concerned about their child`s progress or who want to speak to someone about any worries they have about their child can phone or make an appointment with the Pastoral Care teacher.