Drumchapel High School

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Free Home School Transport  arrangements update

Dear Parent/Carer,
The free home school transport arrangements for our school will resume on Monday 2 November as previously communicated.
Children and young people who were eligible last year – for either a travel pass or a space on the dedicated school bus – will once again be offered this transport service.
For new P1 and S1 pupils now eligible, and who have confirmed with the school office as requested, they will now be given a travel pass or a space on the school bus.
Dedicated school buses will resume first thing on Monday 2 November following the same timetable and previous arrangements as before the summer holidays.
Bus and rail travel passes will be available for collection at the school office on Monday 2 November for your child to pick up and then use from Monday onwards.
Parents whose children and young people have access to the dedicated school bus cannot choose to opt for a travel pass and vice versa. 

For more information or if you have any queries please phone the Children and Young People Support Team on 0141 287 7477.