Drumchapel High School

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At DHS, we aim to be a Language and Communication Friendly Establishment. This means that we value clarity of communication and want to make sure that all of our interactions in DHS support good relationships and good learning. We are always focussed on these five areas to help us achieve this:


  1. We want our school building, classrooms and outside areas to support our learners 

As part of this, we have been changing classrooms to include nurturing spaces and calm corners. We make sure pupils can use these when they feel they need to. We make sure that pupils can find what they need in classrooms and around the school, and that they have input into how their school environment looks and feels.            


  1. We make sure that the speech we use encourages learning

We think about how we communicate in our school community – we know that words have power and we choose our language carefully. We use talk that helps us build positive relationships, and we use praise, encouragement and questioning to support learning,


  1. We celebrate positive interactions

We support each other – staff and pupils work together as a team. We get to know each other well and care about each other as human beings. We know that every human being is different, and that one approach doesn’t work for everyone. We celebrate difference and diversity.  



  1. We support each other

We use lots of strategies to support communication skills. We know our learners well and find out what works for them. We try new approaches until we find what works. Our school ethos means we all know that it doesn’t matter if we all learn differently – the main thing is that we can all learn!



  1. We spread the message!

All of our staff know how important being Language and Communication Friendly is – we take part in training sessions, we ask each other questions, we watch each other work, we share ideas and suggestions, and we learn together with the pupils.