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August 2015

Tuesday, 11th - In-Service Day
Wednesday, 12th - In-Service Day
Thursday, 13th - Pupils Return to School

September 2015

Thursday, 24th - Third In-service Day.
Friday, 25th - September Holiday weekend
Monday, 28th - September Holiday weekend
Tuesday, 29th - Pupils Return to School

October 2015

Monday, 12th - October Holiday Week
Monday, 19th - Pupils Return to School

December 2015

Wednesday, 23rd - Christmas Holiday Break

January 2016

Wednesday, 06th - Pupils return to School.

February 2016

Monday, 15th - February Holiday Weekend
Tuesday, 16th - February Holiday Weekend
Wednesday, 17th - Fourth In-Service Day
Thursday, 18th - Pupils return to School.

March 2016

Friday, 25th - Good Friday Holiday
Monday, 28th - Easter Monday Holiday
Tuesday, 29th - Pupils return to School.

April 2016

Sunday, 03rd - Spring Break
Saturday, 16th - Pupils return to School.

May 2016

Monday, 02nd - May Holiday
Tuesday, 03rd - Pupils return to School.
Thursday, 05th - Fifth In-Service Day.
Friday, 27th - May Weekend Holiday
Monday, 30th - May Weekend Holiday
Tuesday, 31st - Pupils return to School.

June 2016

Saturday, 25th - Summer Holidays begin.